Medium: Book Design and experimental imagery, saddle stitch on copy paper
Model: Caitlin Cho

Topics 3: Workshop
New York
Spring 2024


A experimentative zine about dealing with my anxieties about technology through an AI-generated fashion editorial. Simply using a vintage digital camera and flash, we took photos in a base white outfit which I then AI generated other outfits onto. Using a silver metallic pen, to go along with the futuristic theme, I wrote some of my throughts as I fell down the rabbit hole of technological mess and opinions. The outdoor photos represent the feeling of constantly being surronded and engulfed with technolgy as the world pixelates around us. To go along with the lo-fi element of the digital camera, I printed this zine simply on copy paper with a saddle stitch. AI isn’t going anywhere so I’d rather face my fears and learn to get along with and hopefully we can make something great together.

Check out a digitized version of the zine here.