Medium: Book Design, saddle stitched with thread on Neenah Environment paper 

Topics 3
New York
Fall 2023

Mystery Liquid

Look closer was the prompt for this project. What do you see everyday but never think to really notice? For me it’s puddles. Always watch where you walk in New York. Me and my friends joke about the “mystery liquid” dripping on you from above or the suspiciously colored puddles on the street. That became the focus of this project. What is this mystery liquid? With the addition of some text it started to take form. I was inspired by vintage mystery crime books, I wanted to have a similair feeling. I had a lot of fun with the image treatment and selecting images, as well as taking some of my own. I wanted to have a simplistic layout, easy for reading and to follow but since liquid is always changing form, it’s always changing. Sometimes with the images feeling like they’re pushing the text across the page, or chapters starting in a new area.